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Temco are distributors for GMA Garnet. GMA Garnet is the most widely used abrasive in Westen Australia. GMA Garnet is clean, safe and cuts fast.

  • GMA Premiumblast (600/200, 30/60) is the most common abrasive. Suitable for removal of heavy coatings and preparation of steel, old and new, for the application of protective coatings
  • GMA Newsteel (300/150, 80 mesh) is ideal for applications where new steel is to be prepared for the application of a protective coatings. Profile achieved is typically a maximum of 55 microns. Also suitable for "whipping up" concrete
  • GMA WaterJet is designed for use in Ultra High Pressure water jetting units

Other grades available uopn request.

20/40 Garnet

20/40 Garnet is a relatively new addition to Temco's product range. Sourced to meet the growing demand for high profiles (95 + microns) required for the application of 100% volume solid polyureas and other low VOC coatings.

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