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Blast Nozzles

Nozzle Type



Aluminium Jacket Tungsten Carbide Liner. Traditional venturi type blast nozzle with good wear characteristics.

Ultra Tuff

Polyurethane jacket with Silicone Nitride Liner. Long life venturi type nozzle with superior wear characteristics. Light weight. Preferred nozzle of abrasive blasting professionals.


Small Venturi style blast nozzle with alumimium jacket and tungsten carbide liner. Has small 3/4"thread for use on small (Mity Mite) hoses. Suitable for use in pressure blast cabinets


Short straight bore nozzle with aluminium jacket and tungsten carbide liner. 3/4" thread for use on small blast hoses and cabinets. Can be used to replace OEM nozzles on some suction blast units.


Angle nozzle for use on small blast hoses. Has 3/4" thread. Often used for blasting in and around reo in concrete.


High production angle nozzle for use with large blast hoses. Available in single and 3 outlet. 3 outlet variant can be used for internal pipe cleaning.

Water Induction Nozzles

Water induction nozzles are used to control nuisance dust generated during the abrasive blasting process. Particularly useful when "whipping up" concrete

 Selecting a nozzle! Choose the largest nozzle your compressor will support. Download the attached air consumption chart to see what size nozzle you can run.

File name File Size
Blast Nozzle Air Consumption Data Sheet 242 kb